Shop updates happening now - keep an eye out for new items Sept 2023
Shop updates happening now - keep an eye out for new items Sept 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will items be restocked?
A: Instead of running a shop 24/7, the shop will only open for 2 weeks at a time. This way, I'll consolidate the time I spend working on a shop and still have time and energy afterwards to create more art. See the top of each page, left of search bar, for when the next store launch is happening. If there's something you definitely want to purchase in the next launch, use the contact page and let me know! I'll make sure to order/make more.

Q: How long is shipping?
A: I will do my best to package and ship orders within 1 week of payment confirmation. Then, depending on distance, shipping time should be within 5-10 business days. Total time = 10-15 business days. I'm not a big store, just one person, so I really appreciate your patience with the shipping times.

Q: Will you do local pickup/dropoff instead of shipping?
A: Yes and no. Are you going to be at an event that I'm attending and want to pick up your items there? I will absolutely set them aside for you and refund you the shipping cost just let me know the details when you checkout on the website. Do you live within 15 miles of Claymont, DE? Let me know when you checkout on the website and I'll see if/when I can drop the items at your house. For all other queries, please send me a message via my Contact page.

Q: Will you ship internationally (outside the US)?
A: Not yet but let me know you're interested via the Contact page and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Are you a real person?
A: Though some things have made me question my existence, yes, I am a real person. Check out my instagram @merinator for some very real, amateur photos of my life and my art. And once we can do conventions/festivals again, I'll be back out there in person to say hi. Past events I sold my art at include Mythmusica, Flamecon, J1-con, and Katsucon. 

Q: Do you sell originals drawings or paintings online?
A: I have in the past and I might again. Some of my sketches and paintings look much better as prints, in my opinion, due to some paper and materials not holding up to the test of time. But if there's a print you really want the original sketch/painting of, use the contact page and let me know. I've started selling some originals at bigger events like art festivals so I might try selling one or two online to see how they do - keep your eyes peeled (and follow on insta, twitter, or facebook).

Q: Do you do commissions (pay me to create art for you)?
A: Not usually but if you have interest in commissioning me, you can let me know via the Contact page. Unfortunately, I'm not a full time artist and have a day job (which I enjoy) so I have to be super picky about what art projects I work on. Even if I really like your project, there are only so many hours in a day. I do have a large network of other artists/designers/photographers, however, so I might be able to recommend someone more available.