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STICKER - dango glitter holo

STICKER - dango glitter holo

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Second sticker in my Japan series - dango (sweet mochi balls). An iconic treat to eat during the spring in Japan. There's lots of variations available but the most famous is probably this color combination of pink, green, and white on a bamboo stick.

3 x 2 inches sticker with glitter holo. Waterproof - dishwasher safe.

From the printer: Our glitter stickers are water-, weather- and, with a glossy laminate, also UV-proof. They are resistant to light scratches and will work perfectly on a majority of smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Glossy glitter stickers should survive up to 2-4 years outdoors before they begin to fade and it's even longer indoors, depending on the conditions that the stickers are exposed to.


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