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STICKER - momiji train holo pixie dust

STICKER - momiji train holo pixie dust

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Sixth sticker in my Japan series - momiji train. Way out in the inaka (countryside) where I lived, there were sometimes single car trains that would go out to the last stops where hardly anyone lived. To make those trains more interesting, sometimes they'll paint them in beautiful patterns and traditional motifs (or just Doraemon for the kids). I remember seeing one that had these momiji (Japanese maple leaf) patterns on it and just fell in love.

3.2 x 2.9 inches sticker with pixie dust holo.

From the printer: Our Pixie Dust stickers are crafted to retain their sparkle and shimmer for an extended period. The glittering particles are securely embedded in the sticker material, ensuring long-lasting enchantment. However, exposure to excessive moisture or rough handling may affect the longevity of the sparkle. To preserve the brilliance of your Pixie Dust stickers, it is recommended to keep them in a dry and protected environment.


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