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STICKER - furin holo

STICKER - furin holo

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Fourth sticker in my Japan series - furin (wind chime). These can be seen all over houses, shops, even temples in the summer especially. A small glass dome, painted and hanging with a small bead inside (to make the sound) and a piece of paper coming out of the bottom to catch the wind. Where I was, it was used as a traditional craft to do with the kids and family but could also be bought as a souvenir at festivals.


1.9 x 3.1 inches sticker with glitter holo. Waterproof - dishwasher safe.

From the printer: Our holographic stickers are water-, weather- and, with a glossy laminate, also UV-proof. They are resistant to light scratches and will work perfectly on a majority of smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Glossy holographic stickers should survive up to 2-4 years outdoors before they begin to fade and it's even longer indoors, depending on the conditions that the stickers are exposed to.


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