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STICKER - taiyaki holo pixie dust

STICKER - taiyaki holo pixie dust

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Fifth sticker in my Japan series - taiyaki (pastry shaped like a fish with sweet red bean paste inside). As the weather starts to turn in the fall, festivals continue on in many areas of Japan. Where I was, a popular street food at that time was taiyaki. You might seem them stuffed with all sorts of sweet things, even ice cream, but the most common is sweet red been paste. Just make sure to eat it carefully... and maybe under cover... cuz those eagles were relentless.


3.3 x 2.5 inches sticker with pixie dust holo.

From the printer: Our Pixie Dust stickers are crafted to retain their sparkle and shimmer for an extended period. The glittering particles are securely embedded in the sticker material, ensuring long-lasting enchantment. However, exposure to excessive moisture or rough handling may affect the longevity of the sparkle. To preserve the brilliance of your Pixie Dust stickers, it is recommended to keep them in a dry and protected environment.


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